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Learning by Doing is one of the spirits EECS emphasizes. With the Special Topic courses, students will learn the research methods, implementation process, and problem-solving abilities needed for future study or work fields. Two Special Topic on Implementation courses (I and II) should be completed for consecutive semesters.

Students are strongly suggested to take Special Topic on Implementation I & II in the junior and senior years:

  ♦  System Integration Implementation I (CS3901)  
  ♦  System Integration Implementation II (CS3902) (Presentation Required, Competition Available)
  ♦  Special Topic on Implementation I (EE3900)  
  ♦  Special Topic on Implementation II (EE3910) (Competition & Presentation Required)






Students will find it beneficial to complete the fundamental courses and required elective courses before taking Special Topic on Implementation. Solid knowledge will help complete more advanced studies that require independent thinking skills, such as a special topic course. 

STEP 1. Decide topic and advisor
Check out the research areas of EECS professors. Talk to the desired advisor about research possibilities.

Explore EE Research Areas (English) (Chinese)
List of Professors, Research Interests, and Websites (English) (Chinese)
Explore CS Research Area (English) (Chinese)
List of Professors and Research Interests (Chinese,
click on the pictures for their lab information)

EE holds an information session every semester, but you are welcome to explore different topics with the desired EE professors before deciding. Click on the links below for more topic ideas! 

CS will post the updated topics and information on the board of undergraduate announcements. Please check out the posts constantly and follow the rules accordingly.  



STEP 2. Apply (Registration and course selection Required)

EE Implementation CS Implementation

Two steps are required:

1. Registration through the EE Special Topic Application system is required. 

2. Select the course in the Academic Information System.

Please follow the instructions carefully. The application deadline is by the end of the second-course selection period of each semester.

Please read About CS System Implementation and watch out for the deadline in the announcement.
Application is required. Two ways to apply:
  • Hand in the signed document to Delta R501
  • Submit online (Kindly remind you to confirm with the EECS-GS office to ensure the document is received correctly.)



Please talk with your advisor before switching the topic to the second implementation course. Please follow the EE or CS Implementation rules.


It is strongly recommended that you talk to both the current and the future advisors before applying. If you need to switch the advisor in the second Implementation course, both the present and the new advisors must sign the forms. Please follow the EE or CS Implementation rules. 






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