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InterBuilding Delta, NTHUdisciplinary Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (IPEECS), Division of Global Students is a segment of the IPEECS designed for international students. Considering a well-designed system requires the integration of both hardware and software, the EECS College of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) has associated the resources of the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) with the Department of Computer Science (CS) to provide comprehensive professional training, as many global top-universities do, such as MIT and UC Berkeley. 

In this four-year bachelor’s degree program, students will explore the intersection of hardware and software technology and gain a deep understanding in vertical and horizontal integration in various fields. Based on your career plan, EECS students can select compatible courses offered not only by the undergraduate program of EE and CS, but also further advanced courses offered by the Institute of Electronics Engineering, Institute of Communications Engineering, Institute of Information Systems and Application, Institute of Photonics Technologies, and Institute of Information Security. The IPEECS program encourages students to emphasize EE/CS engineering technology while offering great flexibility for students to explore other fields and develop special topics for future research or career choice.

As professional talents are highly demanded in the electrical, information, and semiconductor industries, graduates with both EE and CS training have become well reckoned and competitive. NTHU is nearby Hsinchu Science Park, where global giants such as SMC and Mediatek are located. The college of EECS collaborates closely with the industry to leverage the practical application as the faculty members advance their research. The program is developed to meet the international trend of the high-tech industry.

EECS graduates are expanding possibilities in diverse professions. Through the learning and training, you will be excellent in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are a prospective person interested in interdisciplinary studies, this program is specially designed for you!