Transfer to EECS-GS

Application to the Transference to NTHU EECS-GS Program

Current International and overseas Chinese students


  1. To the Division of Registration
    1. Transfer Application Form
      Login to the CCXP system. Follow the instruction to complete the form. Submit the application form to the Division of Registration on the 1st Floor, General Building I.
  2. To the EECS-GS Office
    1. CV
    2. Study Plan (The content must include reasons for transfer, current learning status, and plans to complete the program.)
    3. Transcript
    4. One to two letters of recommendation by professors
  • Please combine the above documents into one PDF document.
  • The paper application must be hand-in to the EECS-GS Office in person during office hours (9:00-12:00/ 13:00-17:00).
  • The PDF file must submit to Please name the subject in the following format [Transfer Application_(SID)(your name)].
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EECS-GS office accepts digital applications sent to the above email.

Please follow the school calendar for the deadline for the transfer. For detailed information regarding the transfer, please check the website of the Division of Registration.