The minimum graduation course unit is 128 credits. Suppose you have met the minimum course units for Compulsory, Department Requirements, Basic Core Courses, Core Courses, and Core Electives (including lab courses). In that case, the remaining units can be counted as Free Elective Course credits or fall into the total graduation credits in some cases.

Credits for Master's Program

If you would like to take specific course credits for your master's program, please DO NOT list them as your EECS graduation credits. That is, you must take more than the minimum 128 graduation course units. In general, course codes greater than 5000 are allowed to be used toward the master's degree. According to NTHU regulations, the combination of waived credits and transferred credits may not exceed 15 credits of the course requirements for the degree. Please consult with the Division of Registration and the office of desired master's program for credit eligibility.

Do I Meet the Graduation Verification Requirement?

To help you successfully graduate, we encourage you to work on the NTHU Graduation Verification Form early, which can be found in the CCXP system. 

See Instruction for Graduation Verification 


I.  Please fill in the online survey for EECS-GS graduates.
II. Complete the procedures on Academic Information Systems (CCXP). 

Log in to Academic Information Systems (CCXP)
→ click on “Graduation Application Process”
→ Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process

Click to see detailed instructions: [CH] / [EN]
Note: The official permission will be on CCXP once the process is approved in a batch process.

III. Return all your library loan items. Complete all necessary procedures.
IV. Go to the Division of Registration to collect your Diploma.
V.  Congratulations on graduating from the NTHU!!

~Note that students must finish all the graduation procedures before the new semester starts.~


Other graduation information:
•    Division of Registration: New Announcement (course credits, diploma, and graduation procedure)
•    Language Center: English Requirements, Mandarin Requirements
•    Alumni Center: Online Procedure for Graduates
•    Library: Reminders for Graduates
•    Property Management Sector: return the academic gown before graduation





Congratulation on Graduation


Please prepare all the required documentation for graduation review:

  • Transcript of all year (Please apply at Division of Registration. See Forms & Regulation.)
  • Application for Early Graduation (Please apply at the Division of Registration. Forms & Regulation: 提前畢業申請表 (Chinese).)
  • Other evidence (Course Waiver Approval, etc.)

Early Graduation Policy for Interdisciplinary Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science